Black Talon Security Announces Top 10 Tips for Insurance Companies to Prevent Cyberattacks


Black Talon Security, a leading NY-based national cybersecurity firm, has announced its Top 10 tips insurance companies or agencies should follow to keep data secure and protect records.

“Preventing the theft of data and protecting business continuity must be a primary focus for owners of insurance organizations of all sizes; 75% of ransomware attacks in particular result in the theft of most or all of the business data,” said Gary Salman, CEO of Black Talon Security. “The average cyberattack will force a company or agency to shut down for two weeks, as well as negatively impact its integrity and reputation. This does not even factor in the potential for ransomware attacks which could cost businesses anywhere from $30,000 up to millions of dollars.”

There are many technologies and solutions that insurance groups can implement to help prevent the theft and encryption of data. Black Talon Security’s Top 10 best practices to help enhance the security of an organization’s network include:

1.      Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for any application or website that supports it. MFA sends a unique code to your phone or activates an authentication APP to validate your login.

2.      Use strong passwords everywhere. Create strong passwords by combining a minimum of 12 characters, numbers and special characters such as @, $, #, & and !.

3.      Never use the same password across multiple websites or applications. Every website and/or application should have a unique password.

4.      Implement password management tools such as LastPass or Dashlane to manage and create strong/unique passwords.

5.      Utilizing remote access tools can present tremendous risk to your business. Make sure you are using the paid business versions of these technologies as well as MFA and strong passwords.

6.      Train your agents and employees to recognize threats such as phishingspear phishingsocial engineeringbusiness email compromise (banking wire fraud) and proper use of removable devices. Test them using a phishing simulator.

7.      Employ a cybersecurity firm to evaluate your firewall(s) and perform real-time vulnerability management to uncover exploitable devices on your network that may expose you to a breach or ransomware attack.

8.      Conduct an annual penetration test performed by a third party ethical hacker to identify risks and how you might be breached.

9.      Perform a security risk assessment to evaluate how and where your agency may be attacked.

10.  Deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) based threat detection and mitigation technology known as Extended Detection and Response (XDR) software on all computers and servers.

Black Talon Security secures 25,000 devices across the country and has trained over 13,000 business professionals on current cyber threats, including ransomware, phishing emails and social engineering.

About Black Talon Security, LLC
Black Talon Security (headquartered in Katonah, NY) is a cybersecurity company focused on protecting business professionals from cybersecurity incidents while helping them with compliance through education, training and documentation. Information on Black Talon’s services can be found at

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